A smart way to survive winter

The time of cold and snow, hot chocolate, ice skating and of course Christmas has come. Winter is here! This time of year, the days are at their shortest. This means little daylight and low temperatures. A recipe for a winter dip, you might think. How can you prevent this and make sure this is the best time of the year? Smart products make your winter as comfortable as possible.

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Boost your mood with smart lighting

Because we see less daylight in the winter, the production of both melatonin and serotonin flattens, making the night and day rhythm feel less distinct. This can make you sleep poorly or late and it can take more effort to get up in the morning when you're a bit tired during the day. That's why good lighting at home is important. 

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SmartLife Mood Light

This smart mood light can illuminate any colour you want using the Nedis SmartLife application on your smart phone or tablet (Android or iOS).

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SmartLife LED Filament Bulb

Combine modern day technology with classic looks with this Smart Filament Bulb.

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SmartLife Ceiling Light

Determine the optimal colour temperature, light intensity and even colour to suit each moment with this Wi-Fi smart ceiling light.

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Did you know...

on the shortest day of the year, there is no daylight at the North Cape in Norway! In other places, too, around the 21th of December, the days are considerably shorter than the rest of the year. All the more reason to have pleasant lighting in and around the house.


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Smart lighting

Control the hue and brightness of your SmartLife lightbulbs remotely or automatically. Set the perfect scene for every occasion – whether it’s movie night or a romantic dinner. Replace the traditional light switches in your home - with our smart wall switches to take automatic or remote control over your existing lighting with your smartphone or voice. And, of course, for old time’s sake these switches can still be used manually.

Did you know...

the battery of your phone runs down 40% faster when it's freezing?


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Stay warm with smart heating

When it is cold, your body needs a lot of energy to warm up. When it gets colder, the blood vessels constrict and less blood flows to the blood vessels under the skin and to the limbs. This makes the skin feel icy cold. The blood stays as close as possible to the vital parts of the body. Smart products make it easy to warm up your body, so you will stay full of energy, even during winter.

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Smart & safe during the dark days

The darker period of the year requires extra attention against burglars and other unwanted visitors. If you really want your home to be protected, the best option is to arrange security cameras in and around the house. This does not only make you and your family feel safe, burglars will be scared away when they see one hanging outside. These easy to use SmartLife cameras can be simply connected to your existing Wi-Fi network to monitor the areas of your house and record any sound or motion. Check out all of our security cameras.

Nedis® SmartLife - the easiest way to your smart home

It is smart, affordable and straightforward - and new products and options are continually being developed and added. 

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